Meet Senior Decision Makers & Influencers From Active E&P Operators In The:

  • Rocky Mountain Plays Including Bakken, DJ Basin, Powder River Basin, San Juan, Niobrara & Beyond
  • West Texas Plays Including The Prolific Permian (Midland & Delaware) & Eagle Ford
  • Appalachian Plays Including The Marcellus & Utica
  • Mid-Continent Plays Including SCOOP, STACK & Cana-Woodford
  • Western Canadian Sedminentary Basin (WCSB) Including The Promising Montney & Duvernay

Snapshot Of The Room In The 2017 > Check Back As More Details Are Disclosed

Anadarko Petroleum,SM Energy, EP Energy, ConocoPhillips, Seven Generations Energy, Sinopec, Waterstone Resources, Fifth Creek Energy, Tallgrass Energy, Newfield Exploration, BlackHills Exploration & Production, GMT Exploration, Caerus Oil & Gas, Liberty Resources, Nighthawk Energy, Oakridge Natural Resources, Crescent Point Energy and more

With The Following Job Titles:

  • Water
  • Operations
  • Hydro-Geologists
  • Completions
  • Chemical
  • Production Engineering
  • Facilities Engineering
  • Process Engineer
  • EHS
  • Regulations
  • Government Affairs

And Suppliers Of:

  • End-to-End Water Management Solutions
  • Produced Water Treatment Technologies : For Brine Water Remediation, TDS Removal, H2S Mitigation, Mobile Treatment, Membrane Filtration, Reverse-Osmosis, Electrocoagulation, Ion-Exchange, Evaporators, Crystallization, Beneficial Reuse & More
  • Produced Water Recycling Services
  • Oilfield Water Disposal Services : For Injection Wells Construction, Permitting & More
  • Produced Water Storage/Containment Solutions : Containment Systems, Above Ground Storage, Storage Tanks & More
  • Produced Water Transfer Services : Pipeline Construction, Pipeline Material Suppliers (Polypipes, Temporary Hose etc.), Above Ground Pipelines, Produced Water Trucking Services, Real-Time Truck Monitoring Systems & More
  • Frac Fluids Suppliers : Slick Water Frac Fluids, Cross-link Gels, Hybrid Proppant Suppliers & More

Strategize & Plan For The Most Expensive Parts Of Water Management

The premier conference in the Rocky Mountains event calendar, focused specifically on the complete gamut of produced water management issues related to the region, returns to Denver, Colorado this October renamed as the...


In 2016, the event was purely focused on treating produced water qualities for recycling and reuse.

One year on in 2017, commodity prices, while still fluctuating, are starting to show signs of recovery. This, combined with the increasingly restrained regulatory environment, is changing the way E&Ps in the Rockies are approaching their produced water management strategies. Technical understanding of water as part of the whole basin is evolving, roles are becoming more and more co-dependent, and water management is no longer an isolated task. And the most expensive part of produced water handling is no longer the treatment ; now it's the movement of volumes. With activity and rig counts starting to pick up once again, having a plan for establishing robust water distribution infrastructure upfront is going to be critical.

We've spoken to dozens of operators in the region and one thing is clear - where the industry is right now, handling produced water across the full well life cycle is going to be key for driving down costs, accelerating efficiencies and optimizing well performance.

The 6th Annual Cost-Effective Produced Water Management Initiative 2017 is set to take place on 12 & 13 October, with a brand new agenda and a revamped speaker line-up featuring only the most active operators, instrumental regulators and technology providers from the...


... sharing hard-hitting real world case studies and actual results on the most pressing issues the industry is facing right now.


With operators now making water treatment & equipment selection decisions based on total cost & performance, the 6th Annual Cost-Effective Produced Water Management Initiative 2017 exhibition floor is an excellent platform to showcase quality products, technologies and equipment that are scalable as best as possible through the life of the well's development.

Please contact the ABC team at or call us on (1) 800 721 3915 for details.



Plan Your Optimum Produced Water Management Strategy For The Full Lifecycle Of The Well > Brand New Focus Areas In 2017

  • Save Dollars At Every Stage Of The Well's Lifecycle: Learn exactly what E&P decision makers are doing to save dollars on produced water handling at every stage in the production process
  • Pre-Empt Impacts On Well Production: Classify water qualities that are amenable to treatment for recycling and reuse
  • Avoid Potential Losses In Production: Address H2S, TDS & Blended water concerns and push the boundaries of water treatment for region-specific water qualities
  • Make Recycling & Reuse An Economically Viable Option: Learn how operators are establishing decisions for treatment for recycling and reuse based on costs, operational benefits and impact on performance
  • Beneficial Reuse Insights: Learn how to inventively treat water streams and achieve the ability to beneficially reuse, while keeping costs low
  • Ground-Breaking Treatment Technologies: Achieve the most economic treatment for recycling, reuse, disposal and discharge
  • Safely Dispose Produced Water Volumes: Learn how best to navigate the process when recycling and reuse is not an option
  • Dispose Water & Create New Revenue Streams: Realize opportunities for using evaporation & crystallization and reduce water transfer costs & seismicity risks
  • Build Robust Water Distribution Infrastructure Upfront: Learn everything you need to know to enter into infrastructure sharing agreements, plan for pipelines and storage
  • Redefine Relations With Regulators: Find out how operators and service providers can work with state regulators to streamline handling produced water, from the cradle to the grave

Live Streaming

Live Streaming


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